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[Moblog] Welcome to COS

We arrived in Colorado Springs this afternoon and are now in a mostly empty house. We'll house-sit for a local friend while we wait for our household goods to be delivered (on Monday).

While unloading our SUV & small U-Haul trailer, we discovered that one of the many Toroni syrup bottles featured at Shanebucks had failed to hold its contents. So about half of the bottom-layer items have a nice coating of what smells like cinnamon syrup.....

The cats and chinchillas are all fine, as are the kids. Just so long as I get Shelby to a working cable drop and TV before the American Idol results show tonight.


At 2/4/09 07:23 , Anonymous Kirk Onsager said...

Unlucky to have that happen, BroIL. I had something similar happen while on Lake Superior last winter. I had the cap break on a bottle of Icehole, which added a coating of mint schnapps to all of my tackle. Alcohol abuse!

Good to hear that you all made it safe, excepting Shelby's reaction to the altitude.

At 10/4/09 08:52 , Blogger sunpalmlover said...

Well, I HAD typed a whole long comment to you all, but in the process of "letting me in" to post it....it's gone now. grrrrh....

I don't have but a minute now, so glad you are safely at your new home. Please take pics of the outside, once that crappy white stuff melts ;-) My Anniversary gift depends on it!

Lotsa love, The Tuckers


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