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[Moblog] Barr Trail

We left the kids at home (under Shelby's able stewardship) and took a
"grown-up's" afternoon in Manitou Springs. By the Cog Railway Station
(the easiest way to ascend Pikes Peak) is the trailhead for Barr Trail
- one of the harder ways to reach the summit.

Though Barr Trail stretches 12.6 miles and ascends 7,600' (an average
gradient of 11%), we only tackled about three percent of it for this
afternoon. Someday (before I turn 50) I'll have to try the Pikes Peak
Marathon. Or maybe just the Half Marathon...


At 20/4/09 16:44 , Blogger Sean Meade said...

can't wait 'til we can leave the twins by themselves for a little while!


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