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On the Move

Elvis has left the building -- and the Great State of Tennessee!

We spent our final day in Oak Ridge packing, painting, cleaning and packing some more. Shelby had a final performance in ORCBA's Cinderella, and Shane had to learn the hard way that Home Depot's paint computer is not terribly accurate when matching samples....

Our house was left in beautiful condition -- truly "move-in ready" for our still-to-be-found buyer -- and our pets (2 cats & 4 chinchillas) plus a half-ton of stuff the movers couldn't fit or wouldn't take were loaded into our Montero & 4' x 8' U-Haul trailer.

Rather than leaving around noon as planned, we did not pull out of our driveway until 4:40pm EDT yesterday (Monday). The good news is that "45mph Speed Limit" emblazoned on the U-Haul trailer's fender is only "recommended" (the brochure even says this) and we made it to St. Louis before midnight CDT. The view from our room (at the pet-friendly, car-plus-trailer-accommodating, Drury Plaza Hotel at the Arch):

Today, we'll hang out for the morning -- swim a bit in the 8th floor pool, get breakfast, go to the top of the Gateway Arch (a Facebook "Bucket List" item), and stop by the original Cupcakery to replicate a previous blog post. Then we drive across Missouri and most of Kansas -- with a planned arrival in Colorado Springs by lunchtime tomorrow!



At 31/3/09 06:08 , Anonymous Kirk Onsager said...

Safe travels, BroIL. It doesn't look like a fun drive with the weather Ma Nature is throwing into your path.

At 31/3/09 06:18 , Blogger deichmans said...

No worries today, BroIL-o'-Blizzard. I-70 forecast is sunny but windy with highs in the low-50s. COS got hammered last week, and a bit of snow yesterday, but that will all be gone by the time we arrive tomorrow.

At 31/3/09 09:41 , Blogger Dan tdaxp said...

Best of fortuntes, in all your travels!


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