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To Wonderland and Back

Summer 2012 featured our second-longest family road-trip ever (in terms of duration): "To Wonderland and Back", where Sophiepeanut got to meet all of her favorite Princesses at Disney World -- and we visited many friends and family. It also logged Sophiepeanut's 36th, 37th, and 38th U.S. states visited (SC, NC & IA). Her new Electoral College map:

(Note: My Facebook post citing NC as her "40th state" was erroneous; I added the three states she would visit this trip, then started adding them again. Blasted database polyinstantiation...)

The rest of us remain unchanged on our "States Visited" counts (me at 50, Renee at 49, Shelby at 48, Jarrett at 47). That will change in two years, though, when we make a New England loop in Summer 2014. Summer 2013 will be a return to Southern California for a wedding.

We'll post more pix of our CO-FL-GA-VA-TN-MI-MN-CO road trip later. Some stats:
  • Total Miles: 6,243 (third behind MoART [12,902] and SWeAT [7,416])
  • Total Days: 25 (second only to MoART's 31)
  • Total Fuel Cost: $1,417 (cheaper than airfare!)


At 12/7/12 09:59 , Blogger Dan tdaxp said...

Gotta love the electoral college method of counting travel! :-)

At 12/7/12 10:10 , Blogger deichmans said...

Happy to plagiarize your model, Dan! :-)


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