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Pride of the Lancers Marching Band: "New World"

Liberty High School's "Pride of the Lancers Marching Band" show off their 2011 exhibition performance "New World", featuring music from Dvorak's "New World Symphony" and Bj√∂rk's "New World" from "Dancer in the Dark".  GO LANCERS!



Today, Labor Day 2011, marks the day we have been residents of the Centennial State longer than we were residents of the Volunteer State.

It doesn't feel like it -- probably because I've been a LOT busier in Colorado than I ever was in Tennessee, or perhaps because I had such a strong connection to Oak Ridge thanks to my alma mater Cal (the source of those Calutrons in Bear Creek Valley's Y-12 plant that purified the fuel for the LITTLE BOY bomb during the Manhattan Project).

We've been a nomadic family.  In my youth, I moved a dozen times before High School -- and have moved a nearly a dozen times since College.  I've lived in seven states and four Time Zones, while my Bride has lived in six states and five Time Zones. (I've never lived in the Central Time Zone, where she was born....)

Our brief stay in Tennessee was professionally tumultuous: starting a new office for a late-stage startup firm, then leaving that (after 18 months) to start my own LLC, then rejoining the federal workforce.

In contrast, Colorado has been stable: by the time we actually moved to Colorado Springs, I had been with the Modeling & Simulation Directorate of the Missile Defense Agency more than six months -- working out of the Huntsville office while churning through Defense Acquisition Univ. courses.  And now, nearly 30 months later, I'm still in the same Directorate (albeit with a brand new contract to leverage) with many of the same people.

Here's to hoping my kids can complete Middle and High School in the same school district....