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OldSkool2010: SoCal Reunions

OldSkool2010: Part 1.3 (Reunions)

We were able to catch up with many friends, family members and former neighbors during our month in San Diego -- some of them at the beach!

A colleague from Renee's paralegal days, Kathleen, happened to work in the same building where my class was taking place. She brought extra boogie boards so Jarrett and Shelby could ride the waves at Breakers Beach on Naval Air Station-North Island (the same beach as the famous Hotel Del Coronado, with less people):

Sand Mermaid:

Jarrett got to spend lots of time with his godmother, Andra:

And Shelby got to visit godfather Chip in his law offices in downtown San Diego:

Shelby also got to see godmother Lynne:

Renee's Dad and his wife Sandi came up from Baja California Norte to join us for a pool party with the Hurst family:

And my folks came down from the Bay Area, spending well over a week in San Diego -- plenty of time for visits to the Zoo and LEGOland!

(The LEGOland picture above is from the "Mars Mission" pre-briefing, where Jarrett got to program an RCX LEGO robot to perform various tasks -- rescuing astronauts, recovering rock samples and launching the saved astronauts back to Earth.)

My cousin Ryan graduated from high school while we were in town, so we got to celebrate at the world-famous Potato Shack in Encinitas:

Shelby & Casey, who are only a few weeks apart in age, are growing up wayyyyy too fast....

Casey's dad Kent showed Jarrett and me the labs at his company, BioLegend, in the Golden Triangle:

The Limberg family, neighbors from our first home together in Renaissance-La Jolla:

Russ Vorce, aka "The Coach", who was my field team manager during my Science Advisor tour at Marine Corps Forces Pacific in the late 1990s, had an ample supply of martinis:

Current MDA colleague Scott Ziemke was in San Diego for a conference. We met in the Gaslamp Quarter for pints:

So much socializing wore the Peanut out:

After a great month, we returned home via Utah and Interstate-70. If Mars had Interstates, this is what they would look like....

Next up: OldSkool2010 Part 2, into the Midwest and MidAtlantic!

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At 4/7/11 09:51 , Blogger Away Back said...

Happy 4th of July!!

At 5/7/11 11:25 , Blogger Dan tdaxp said...

I got to meet an old high school friend this weekend -- reunions are always fun!:-)


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