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OldSkool2010: MSP

OldSkool2010: Part 2.1 (Minnesota)

After our San Diego trip, we had a couple weeks at home before "OldSkool-Part 2" launched off. After a 1,000+ mile drive in a single day, compounded by losing an hour as we crossed from Mountain Time into Central, Renee paid a visit to the ol' Cell Block, Blaine High School.

Of course, this was in preparation for her 25th High School Reunion. The ladies all looked fab-u-lous:

Gramme took Sophie on many walks through the garden:

Sophie also got to play with Godmother Joelle and her boys, Mateo and Max. Of course, Sophie laid claim to the pink-and-purple soccer ball!

Jarrett with Godfather Kirk:

Sophie's third cousin Ian was not at all shy around girls....

Since Bro-in-Law Kirk is a many-time World Beer Tourist at Old Chicago, we had to complete the local summer mini-tour (featuring the beers of August Schell).

Mission Accomplished!

Another mission accomplished: I visited my 50th state!

A very nice -- albeit brief -- visit! Next up, OldSkool2010 rolls to Michigan and West Virginia!

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At 29/8/11 10:34 , Blogger Dan tdaxp said...

You made it to North Dakota! congrats!


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