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The Ascent Cometh

Wave 2 of the Pikes Peak Ascent Half-Marathon launches at 7:30am maƱana. 13.32 miles, with 7,500' of vertical!

ADDENDUM: I was a "DNF" -- "Did Not Finish". While I thought I reached the final "cut-off" (the A-Frame at Mile 10.2, elevation 11,800') with about a 1/2 minute to spare, the crew announced that we had missed the cut-off and would not count as a finisher. My guess is they defaulted to the printed cut-off clock time (11:45:00 AM MDT), based on a gun-time of exactly 07:30:00 AM MDT. I estimate true gun-time was about 30-40 seconds late. So maybe next year....

Here's a link to my MotionX-GPS track to the A-Frame.



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