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My 50th State

Last night, at approximately 8:00pm CDT, I entered the only state of the union I had yet to set foot in: North Dakota. We were on the first leg of our OldSkool 2010 summer road trip, and I unilaterally decided to add 80+ miles (and approximately two hours) to our 1,000-mile journey to log this state for me and the kids. Now Shelby (age 13) is at 48, Jarrett (age 10) is at 47, and by the end of this trip Sophie (age 22 months) will have visited 33 states. 34 if we make it into North Carolina during our visit to the Hampton Roads next week .... Renee, however, remains logjammed at 49 -- and is a bit irritated that I logged my 50th before she got to Maine!

Using the Dan of TDAXP, Ph.D. measure of "Electoral Votes", I now hold a unanimous 538 votes:

Now to tackle the Protectorates and Territories!

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