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Roundtable: Afghanistan 2050

The gang at ChicagoBoyz has another "Blog Roundtable" coming up in August. Entitled "Afghanistan 2050", it will be a 'retrospective prequel' -- a fictional "look back" from the perspective of forty years from now (or the same period of time between the attack on Pearl Harbor and the inauguration of Ronald Reagan). Some of the finest national security writers in the blogosphere are taking part, with a broad range of views. Should be fun!

On a related topic, General David Petraeus has spent the week on Capitol Hill for confirmation hearings to relieve his subordinate sub-unified commander, General Stanley McChrystal, in Afghanistan. My mom, a dyed-in-the-wool liberal Democrat who has lived most of her life in the San Francisco Bay Area, recently offered an observation that I find rather compelling -- that the good General bears a striking resemblance to a certain comedic character from the 1980s:

File this under "Pee Wee Goes to Kandahar".

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At 6/8/10 16:25 , Anonymous Stephen Pampinella said...

Dude, that picture totally ruined my hero worship. :(

Thanks again for swinging through and reintroducing me to scotch, it was great to see you.


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