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"On Gondo!" from The Venetian in Las Vegas -- Venice without the pigeons!

J9 Reunion @ Joint Training Conference

Col(ret) Bill Meade, USMC, and Dee Guillory are very dear friends from
my U.S. Joint Forces Command (J9) days. Dee leads a Distance Learning
effort for JFCOM now, and Bill trains Maritime Ops Center staffs for
Fleet Forces Command. Both are in COS this week for the Joint Staff's
Worldwide Training Scheduling Conference.


Two days ago it was 70 degrees....


Perfect weather!

J-man workin' the heel edge

Loveland on Spring Break


WASPs in Dallas: Women Air Corps Service Pilots en route to DC to receive Congressional Medal of Freedom

Margo (on the left) and several of her fellow WASPs -- the original "Fly Girls" -- are flying to DC to receive the Congressional Medal of Freedom. She was very pleased to learn my grandmother was (ahem, I mean *is*) a Marine.

Our pilot today, Captain Reynolds, is also a Marine, and the WASPs' escort (holding Old Glory) is a Marine widow.



New Address!

Oz has moved!

As an FTP user of Google Blogger, I have been able to use the Blogger tools -- but host Oz on my own subdomain within http://deichman.net. But come May 2010, Google will no longer support FTP publishing.

Since I can't regiser a subdomain as a CNAME (or, if you can, I don't know how....), this Blog will henceforth be found at http://www.wizardsofoz.net .

Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds.



Stomp Rockets with the Cub Scouts!

It's amazing what you can do with a bike tire tube, paper, tape & an empty 2-liter bottle!