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Middle School Band Concert

Shelby is second-chair clarinet in her school's band. She is just
left of the band teacher as they prepare for tonight's Seventh Grade
Pops Concert.


At 2/3/10 10:47 , Blogger J. said...

I was second (and later, third) chair clarinet in my high school band. I commend her choice of instruments. Keep it up, when she gets to college, she can quit then.

At 3/3/10 08:38 , Blogger deichmans said...

Thx J. -- she was 1st chair (largely due to seven years of piano, and playing clarinet since 5th grade when in Tennessee), now 2nd chair. She hasn't challenged back yet.... :-)

She is thinking about marching band, for which I think clarinet is an excellent choice (from a purely logistics perspective).


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