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LEGO Taj Mahal, complete!

The Man-Cub finished the LEGO Taj Mahal! All 5,922 pieces (though we lost two -- and were able to figure work-arounds). He built this entirely by himself -- the only assistance he received was in sorting the pieces.

We were also surprised by how few spare pieces were included. 18 pounds of LEGOs, nearly 6,000 total pieces, and just 27 spares (if we count the spare 1x2 we used to make up for the lost clear 1x1). That's less than half of 1%....

Now to figure out where to keep this masterpiece -- and what challenge to tackle next!



At 7/1/11 20:38 , Blogger Dana McDaniel said...

WOW Way to Go Jarrett!!! Bailey is envious of your accomplishment. Jarrett needs to go visit the Taj Mahal in person to see its massiveness.

The only lego pieces Bailey received from Santa, mommy and daddy was the game "Minataurus" and 1 other one I can't remember. He also reveived a package of 16 unusual people pieces. You can never have too many.

We have tackled the other small buildings such as Space Needle. We have felt a little overwhelmed with the Taj Mahal. Continue sharing. We will be sharing Bailey's new film he made when it is complete. It has to do a lot with Legos.

Happy New Year Wizards of Oz

At 8/1/11 10:17 , Blogger deichmans said...

Thanks Dana! Can't wait to see Bailey's LEGO video!


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