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Garden & Falls

The morning after returning from CART-09, we loaded the family and in-laws into two cars and drove into the Garden of the Gods -- one of the largest city-owned public parks in the nation. The descendants of Charles Elliott Perkins (an entrepreneur) willed the park to the city of Colorado Springs 100 years ago, with the only caveat that it "remain free to the public".

The Garden features some of the tallest and best-preserved homoclinal ridges in the world: layers of sedimentary rock that are pushed vertical by the mountain-forming orogenies. In the photo above, the J-man and I are standing within one of the Cathedral Spires.

My folks, plus Renee's Dad and Stepmom, followed us from the southwestern stretches of CART-09 to Colorado Springs.

After Sophie's christening and "¬°Fiesta Verano!" yesterday, today we visited Seven Falls in the South Cheyenne Canyon behind Colorado Springs' Broadmoor Hotel:

The girls posed atop the Eagle's Nest, 181 steps up -- or a quick elevator ride. :-) They did all reach the top of the falls (behind them) without the assistance of an elevator!

What a sweetie!


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