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[CART09] Yosemite

About halfway across Yosemite National Park, via Tioga Road, is a stunning view of the Valley and (in the distance) Half Dome. Olmsted Point is well worth the winding, roller-coaster style two-lane road.

The whole gang braved the polished granite (Renee and Man-Cub in flip-flops!) for a family photo.

As the glaciers that carved this valley some 20,000 years ago receded, they left "glacier pebbles" behind -- like this one...

... and this one.

Across Tioga Pass (9,945' above sea level, the high point of CART-09), Ellery Lake is a natural air conditioner on the way to Mono Lake.

Mono Lake was targeted by the utility companies in Los Angeles as a water supply for the city some decades ago. "Save Mono Lake" became a common refrain in northern California; today the lake is only about half the depth it used to hold.



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