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[CART09] Vegas Reunions

Jarrett's godmother Andra, along with her husband Brad (aka "Gunny") and son Cody, trekked up I-15 to meet us in Vegas this afternoon.

We walked from TI down to the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace -- an air conditioned route to our true destination, the chocolate fountains at Bellagio's Jean-Philippe.

While ordering our gelati at Jean-Philippe, Renee's dad called me to clandestinely report that he was at the lobby of our hotel (thanks to a tip from Bro-in-Law Kirk). A great reunion -- all in preparation for another rendez-vous later this week in Durango, Colorado, and a family gathering this weekend.



At 4/8/09 12:20 , Anonymous Kirk Onsager said...

Was pretty happy to be part and parcel to a surprise like that, BroIL. See you all in a few days!


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