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[CART09] Crossing Utah

Central Utah is truly one of the most desolate, yet stunningly beautiful, places to drive on earth. I'm convinced that if Mars had highways, this is what they'd be like. After departing Bryce Canyon this morning, we headed north into the farming communities of west-central Utah -- then headed east along Interstate 70, where there is a 110-mile stretch of "no services" from Salina to Green River, Utah. (Even the Alaska Highway wasn't that desolate!)

At Crescent Junction, we turned our two-car caravan southward toward Moab, and (beyond that) Durango.

Moab is truly a mountain biker's paradise. This bridge only caters to cyclists (who need to cross the Colorado River).

After leaving Las Vegas, the Peanut decided to channel her inner Elvis.

Since we opted for the high-speed approach (via I-70 across much of Utah), we arrived in Durgano well before sunset. Renee's dad met us in Cortez, Colorado, and our three-car caravan is ready to return to Colorado Springs in the morning!

Eldest & Man-Cub with Grandmama & Grandpa Bill's poodle puppies, ChaCha and LuLu.

The Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway returns to its southern terminus in Durango, right in front of our hotel.

Shelby befriends another young lady (Madison) at Carver's Brewery. They were texting each other before we were done with appetizers.

Grandmama knows just what the Peanut wants!



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