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[CART09] Lake Siskiyou

Tent Mahal has risen again - this time in the shadow of Mt Shasta (a 14'er that is even taller than Pikes Peak!) at Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort. Tonight we rendezvous with my parents, who have been visiting nearby Shasta City this week.



At 31/7/09 05:55 , Anonymous Kirk Onsager said...

What flavor of beer are you toasting with? I'm bummed that I will not be able to bring you any Leinie's next weekend!

At 31/7/09 09:55 , Blogger deichmans said...

BroIL-Land o' Leinie,

That is a Great White Belgian Ale from Lost Coast Brewing Company of nearby Eureka, Calif. A very crisp and refreshing brew!

C U in a week....

broil-road trippin'


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