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[CART09] Filled up....

Think we have enough? Today begins California Road Trip 2009 (CART-09), with scenic stops in Yellowstone, Shasta, Mammoth Lakes & Bryce Canyon.

We should pass my uncle (an Air Force Sr Master Sgt on his move to Illinois) in the northwest, and see many other friends and family along the way.



At 25/7/09 20:59 , Blogger Jay@Soob said...

If you can squeeze in NV's Valley of Fire, I'd suggest it. You will, likely, be one (erm, four) of three intrepid tourists this time of year (I went in August and didn't have to pay the $6 fee cuz no person at the kiosk. We braved 103 F temps but, really, given 90 f humid temps here, it's not all that hard to quickly adapt.)

That bit aside, Bryce Canyon is breathtakingly beautiful. Happy and safe travels to you and yours!


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