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[Moblog] Microburst

Having grown up in Northern California, and spending another decade in San Diego & Hawai'i, one word could describe the weather:

* Predictable *

Our first month in southeast Virginia, we lost power three times -- and, four years later, experienced our first hurricane (ISABEL, a Cat-1 that showed me the awesome power of a cyclone).

Then in east Tennessee we saw the confluence of Great Plains thunderstorms and subtropical depressions with the occasional winter ice storm.

But nothing as been as crazy as this past six months in Colorado Springs. Wide swings in temperatures at all seasons, routine gale-force winds, and now a microburst storm cell just outside my office window.... (This photo was from a stoplight just off post on my way home.)


At 1/6/09 22:28 , Blogger Selil said...

Just wait until Summer get's there. Then it will get really interesting. Of course you said gale force winds. Winds of the mountain can easily reach 100mph in the dead of winter.


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