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[Moblog] Hybrid Warfare

After concluding a series of meetings for missile defense training, I'm now sitting in the midst of giants -- profound thinkers who are tackling the challenges presented by emerging "hybrid" threats that possess the power of a nation-state but the stealth of an insurgency.

From the left:

MajGen van der Til (Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, who was Deputy C-3 for ISAF, NATO's operational command in Kabul, Afghanistan, who empasized "unity of command and unity of effort");

The legendary COL(P)/Dr. H.R. McMaster (Director of Concept Development & Experimentation at the Army's Training and Doctrine Command, and author of _Derilction of Duty_, who spoke of 'mission command' and empowerment of local leaders);

VADM Harward (Deputy Commander of U.S. Joint Forces Command, who underscored the importance of "versatility" in the modern warrior); and

LtCol(ret) Frank Hoffman, USMC (Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute and this panel's moderator).


At 12/5/09 13:17 , Anonymous Moon said...

Outstanding. I'd like to see more UNCLAS reports on the theory you grok from these guys.


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