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Clausewitz Roundtable

The gang at ChicagoBoyz is hosting a roundtable blog series on the inestimable Carl von Clausewitz and his magnum opus, "On War". Last week we offered commentary on Book I: On the Nature of War; today concludes Book II: On the Theory of War. For the next seven weeks we'll review one book per week (there are eight books in all, plus we'll spend the final ninth week in review).

The full list of posts can be found here; my Book I post is here and my Book II post here. And kudos go to Lord Curzon at ComingAnarchy whose skills with PhotoShop have helped bring Carl von to the modern age (h/t to LexingtonGreen at ChicagoBoyz for the inspiration, and to LTC(ret) John Nagl for providing the torso and hands of our modern-day theorist shown above).

UPDATE: Roundtable host Lexington Green has Obamified the good General:

Change is in the air....


At 25/1/09 20:16 , Blogger Lexington Green said...

The nature and theory of war I can believe in.


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