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[Moblog] Breakfast @ Selil

Profs. Sam & Sydney Liles (of http://selil.com ) were gracious hosts for breakfast this morning. Our launch from Michigan was into a snow shower, but now that we're past the Lake we should have clear driving to Minnesota.

BTW: The Liles Library is very impressive. What's seen in the photo is about 1/10th of the home library.


At 23/12/08 17:34 , Blogger Jay@Soob said...

Where, pray tell, lies the destination of this interesting journey?

At 24/12/08 00:19 , Blogger deichmans said...

Soob: We've ventured into the frozen north of Minneapolis, MN. CINCHOUSE wants to see all of her cousins' and friends' new babies (while showing off our own Peanut M&M).

At 28/12/08 21:54 , Blogger Selil said...

We greatly enjoyed hosting you and your family. If the Deichmans family ever need a landing pad we might scrounge up something more than coffee and fresh Cinnamon rolls.

At 29/12/08 13:27 , Blogger mark said...

Selil revealed!

At 29/12/08 22:14 , Blogger Selil said...

I told y'all I was old. Now you have proof of the gray beard.


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