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Boneheaded NFL

No, I'm not referring to the knee-jerk reflexive firing of Denver Broncos Head Coach Mike Shanahan (who averaged more than 10-1/2 wins per season during his 14 year stint in the Mile-High City, including two Lombardi Trophies).

Rather, I am referring to the NFL's boneheaded plan to move the 2010 Pro Bowl in both space (from O'ahu to Miami) and in time (to the week prior to the Super Bowl).

Changing the city isn't so bad (though we truly enjoyed the two winters we lived in Ewa Beach, HI, just a short drive from the Ihilani at Ko Olina where the NFL players would spend the week; daughter Shelby got to meet some legendary players.)

But have they REALLY thought about the consequences of putting the Pro Bowl on the week between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl? Like, oh, say... the risk of injury to a Super Bowl-bound player? Or will they allow Conference champion players the option of foregoing the Pro Bowl (thereby eliminating some of the best players from the Pro Bowl).

I predict the rationale given ("raise the profile of the Pro Bowl") will soon give way to a more-reasoned view -- and by 2011, the game will be relegated back to the sporting abyss between the Super Bowl and the Major League Baseball opener.



At 30/12/08 18:01 , Blogger Dan tdaxp said...

I was going to say that I couldn't find either Pro or Super in the BCS Schedule, but then I realized you were referring to the senior league of football, this "NFL" thing.

I wish those geezers luck! ;-)

At 30/12/08 19:01 , Blogger deichmans said...

LOL! Hey, if Golf can have a Masters division, why not football?

At 30/12/08 21:26 , Blogger Jay@Soob said...

I think the injury Ben Roesth...Rothles...Roes... Ben Cheeseburger suffered will be a sobering bit of reality to both players and the league knotheads that thought this is a good idea. A clear case of marketing trumping reason. Who the hell is going to risk not playing in the SB to play in the virtually meaningless PB? Ponderous.

Great pictures.

At 2/1/09 22:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The word from Peter King of SI on NBC last Sunday was that Super Bowl-bound players would not be on the Pro Bowl squad.

At 3/1/09 08:05 , Blogger deichmans said...

Thx for the update, Eddie. Which means that the Pro Bowl will be for "Fan Favorites, except the best players who have a prior commitment the following week and therefore won't play for the fans who really want to see them play, and may not even get the bonuses from their contract clauses regarding Pro Bowl selections since they're so good they're going to the Super Bowl."

Yeah, that'll DEFINITELY raise the profile of the Pro Bowl!


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