Wizards of Oz

"Life is fraughtless ... when you're thoughtless."


Boneheaded NFL

No, I'm not referring to the knee-jerk reflexive firing of Denver Broncos Head Coach Mike Shanahan (who averaged more than 10-1/2 wins per season during his 14 year stint in the Mile-High City, including two Lombardi Trophies).

Rather, I am referring to the NFL's boneheaded plan to move the 2010 Pro Bowl in both space (from O'ahu to Miami) and in time (to the week prior to the Super Bowl).

Changing the city isn't so bad (though we truly enjoyed the two winters we lived in Ewa Beach, HI, just a short drive from the Ihilani at Ko Olina where the NFL players would spend the week; daughter Shelby got to meet some legendary players.)

But have they REALLY thought about the consequences of putting the Pro Bowl on the week between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl? Like, oh, say... the risk of injury to a Super Bowl-bound player? Or will they allow Conference champion players the option of foregoing the Pro Bowl (thereby eliminating some of the best players from the Pro Bowl).

I predict the rationale given ("raise the profile of the Pro Bowl") will soon give way to a more-reasoned view -- and by 2011, the game will be relegated back to the sporting abyss between the Super Bowl and the Major League Baseball opener.



[Moblog] 26" Northern!

Man-Cub's first fish: a 26" Northern Pike. It completely spooled the tip-up while we were tending another hole.

[Moblog] Huntin' Pike

Man-Cub & I are out on Ham Lake w/ bro-in-law/Uncle Kirk. Northern Pikes, beware!


[Moblog] Breakfast @ Selil

Profs. Sam & Sydney Liles (of http://selil.com ) were gracious hosts for breakfast this morning. Our launch from Michigan was into a snow shower, but now that we're past the Lake we should have clear driving to Minnesota.

BTW: The Liles Library is very impressive. What's seen in the photo is about 1/10th of the home library.


[Moblog] Lake Effect

Yeah.... We chose to leave the south this week....


[Moblog] Solstice Sunset

The sun has reached its nadir in relation to the ecliptic, so days will now start getting longer. We're passing through Lima, Ohio (like the bean) en route to Michigan. The temps have dropped steadily since our 10am departure this morning from Oak Ridge - about 1° F. every 10 minutes. ETA in Lawton, Michigan (not far from my birthplace): 8:00pm EST.


[Moblog] Snowbow

This was a first for me during my morning commute earlier this week, driving into the sun just east of Colorado Springs on a sub-zero day: a "snowbow".

My single-Megapixel cell phone camera doesn't do justice, but I do want to share this amazing phenomenon with you.


[Moblog] Crisp Morning!

A cold front has crossed the east face of the Rockies, so the temperature on Tony's deck in Castle Rock was a touch below 3° F. (-16° C.).

(That's not 28° on the digital display -- that's 2.8°. Reminds me of a certain wedding reception in South Dakota about 10 months ago.... )

[Moblog] Colorado Sunrise

Finally, Colorado is starting to feel like *winter*! Though the early reports are Loveland Ski Resort (today's destination) is expecting a foot or more of snow with gusting winds of 20+ mph and temps in the low teens.


[Moblog] Great-Grandma & the Peanut

My grandmother (the Marine) is paying a short visit this weekend. She and Sophie have had some fascinating conversations.


Nutcracker Family

Those Stallbaums sure know how to throw a party! This was Shelby's fourth Nutcracker (and her first one with an Act II role), my 2nd as a "Party Parent", and Jarrett's first (as both a Party Boy and a Soldier).