Wizards of Oz

"Life is fraughtless ... when you're thoughtless."


"Where no one has gone before..."

Forty-two years after Gene Roddenberry dazzled NBC executives with his vision of a "Wagon Train to the stars", and received authorization to produce an unprecedented second series pilot ('Where No Man Has Gone Before'), the tale of the starship ENTERPRISE returns to the big screen this spring.

Rather than another William Shatner-Leonard Nimoy-Patrick Stewart production, though, Star Trek will provide a glimpse into the childhood and Starfleet Academy days of James Tiberius Kirk and his future crew.

For many of my generation (early Gen-X), Star Trek was the caregiver of our youth. Both of my parents (late Baby Boomers) had full-time professions and were building their careers, so early afternoons and evenings were spent watching TV. Through the five year voyage of the ENTERPRISE, we were entertained -- and we were educated. The core values of loyalty, trust, and camaraderie -- as well as a latent distrust of technology -- were infused in our spirits. And we are the better for it.

May 8th can't come soon enough....


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