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[Moblog] New Wheels

Since my Ford F150 is only two-wheel drive, and the prospect of driving a 20' long rear-wheel drive pickup (with 80% of it's mass in the front half) over Colorado Springs' notorious "black ice" is not very appealing, we have traded The Beast in for the Official Vehicle of the State of Colorado: a 2005 Subaru Outback.

Now I'm ready for winter in the foothills of Pike's Peak!


At 11/10/08 17:14 , Blogger Selil said...

Excellent choice! Good gas mileage, easy to drive, and capable in the snow.

At 12/10/08 09:08 , Blogger Adrian said...

I love my Impreza. Survived 5 New England winters with no problem, and I'm sure it will have no problem with upstate NY winters either.

At 12/10/08 19:17 , Blogger deichmans said...

Thx Sam - I was inspired by your banner on SelilBlog to take a photo of my new ride. :-)

Adrian: Thx for the New England "lessons learned"! Those Nor'Easters are nasty, so that's good to hear. (Hope it fares as well for you in Lake Effect Snow Country too!)

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