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Velo 3


Final day of the Oak Ridge Fall Velo Classic. Today's event was the "Criterium" -- an event much like NASCAR on bikes. The course, a fast 0.9-mile loop on the south slope of Blackoak Ridge, traveled around historic Jackson Square.

While a "Criterium" can often be a spectator sport (especially around the turns, where a tightly-packed group of riders can all fall with the slightest provocation), the first four heats of today's ride had no accidents.

The photo above shows the "Cat-5" group cycling eastbound on Tennessee Avenue; I'm the fat guy with the yellow bike. After our allotted 25 minutes, I had amassed nine (9) laps -- while the winner completed 11!


At 7/9/08 15:08 , Blogger Adrian said...

Rochester NY had a criterium a few weeks ago, the course is a mile long over two bridges and including a hairpin turn. A lot of people show up to watch too, it's a good time, there were a couple crashes too.

At 7/9/08 15:28 , Blogger deichmans said...

Sounds like a far more challenging course than this one. We had four left turns, one of which was from a descent to a level road; another which was from a climb onto a level road. Other than some rough pavement near the top of turn one, we had an easy Crit. :-)


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