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[Moblog] Velo 2

More from the Oak Ridge Fall Velo Classic. After my last place, 28:05 finish in the Masters 30-40+ Time Trial (which I learned after the fact is the *fastest* of all categories not "Pro") I downgraded my afternoon road race from 68-mi to 48.

So now I'm checking in with dear friends from Red Cross before braving the road!

See you in 3 hours....

UPDATE: O.K., this is clearly above my skill level. The course (across scenic Poplar Creek Valley north of the K-25 site in west Oak Ridge) included two laps with more than a thousand feet net vertical per lap. My pace (approx. 16 mph cruise with a cadence of 80) needs to increase by about 50% to hang with the peloton. So I bailed out after one lap, completing the 28 mile course in 1:50:00.


At 8/9/08 10:36 , Blogger Sean Meade said...

way to go, Shane! the best part is that you got out there and gave it a go. and still got plenty of exercise :-)

At 8/9/08 17:42 , Blogger deichmans said...

Thx Sean! Plenty of exercise is true - though I can't do 100 pushups... :-)


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