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GOP v. The Establishment

Earlier this morning Sen. McCain announced that Gov. Sarah Palin [R-AK] would be his running mate for the November general election. At least it's not four Senators on the big tickets!

Honestly, Gov. Palin brings a lot to the GOP ticket. Check her bio: she petitioned against city council pay raises, cut her own salary after being elected as mayor of Wasilla, called Commissioners on the carpet for unethical dealings, unseated a sitting governor IN THE PARTY PRIMARY, and has an unwavering commitment to ethics. Her first two acts as Governor were to put the private jet (bought by her predecessor) up for sale on eBay, and to fire the Executive Chef (convinced that she and her husband could cook for their family themselves).

The fact that she's a hockey mom, former beauty queen, mother of five (with an infant child with Down syndrome) and competitive basketball player only adds to her appeal. And the fact that she testified before Congress in a ColumbiaGear windbreaker.

Frankly, I think she's a brilliant choice by Sen. McCain. Compared to McCain-Palin, Obama-Biden looks so "Establishment".

Side Note: Today is Sen. McCain's 72nd birthday, as well as Todd and Sarah Palin's 20th wedding anniversary.



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