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Colorado Dreamin'

It's official: we're moving on.

In approximately one month, I will report for duty at Schriever Air Force Base (near Colorado Springs) to join the Missile Defense Agency's Modeling & Simulation Directorate.

We are grateful for the opportunity to spend these past two years in the "Secret City" of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and have formed many lifelong friendships. My roots to Oak Ridge stretch back to my college days, as a physics major at Berkeley (where the "CalUTrons" invented by Prof. Lawrence were brought to Oak Ridge to help end a terrible war), so this is a bittersweet transition.

But the opportunities presented by MDA are compelling. Technology is becoming increasingly accessible to those who wish us harm, and the only difference between an IED and a cruise missile is thrust & guidance. I'm privileged by the opportunity to join a dynamic team working to counter these threats to our nation and our allies.

'Blogging will continue in some fashion (hey, if my pals in the IC can do it... :-) so stay tuned....



At 1/8/08 20:08 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You will probably not like working at Schriever.

At 5/8/08 12:43 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 5/8/08 16:27 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes congrats on the new gig. I hear Colorado is a great state in which to live.


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