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[Moblog] Desert Foursome

After wrapping up the TapRooT® Summit earlier this afternoon, we've headed south into the canyons of south Vegas for 18 holes on The Revere Golf Club's "Concord Course".

With a total distance of more than 7,000 yards, and temps around 104┬░ F., I expect to be a raisin by the time we're done....

Update: We ended up scoring a 68 (thanks to the "Captain's Choice" best-ball scramble format). Thankfully, Richard (a Navy civilian from Bethesda Naval Hospital -- far right in the top photo) has a single-digit handicap and a monster drive. Suzie (also a Navy civilian from Bethesda) made some clutch shots, which really helped when the silver (women's) tees were sometimes 100 yards ahead of the black (championship) tees we were using. And Dan (far left in the photo), Software Program Manager for System Improvements -- the makers of TapRooT -- was on with his short-range game. Alas, the Canucks stole the Cup for the third consecutive year with a score of 61....

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At 27/6/08 20:05 , Blogger Jay@Soob said...

Well? How'd you shoot? (bear in mind you can lean heavily on the heat for an additional handicap.)

At 28/6/08 08:45 , Blogger deichmans said...

Soob - Status updated.

Our 68 was "middle of the pack", 7 strokes off of the winning score. High score was a 77, so I'm pleased (esp. since I did the best I've ever done with the woods, though my chipping and putting were pretty lousy).

I'm hoping this excursion doesn't mess up my softball swing -- we're the lone undefeated team in the Men's B League going into the final week of the season.


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