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Piano Recitals

Man-Cub and Eldest each performed this afternoon with "Miss Musicality", Ms. Celeste, at her conservatory this afternoon. Each also received their gold pins from the National Guild in honor of their "Superior" performances last month before the judge, as well as oversized trophies. If they complete ten (10) years of "Superior" or better, with ten (10) songs each, they will receive the Paderewski Medal.

First up was Man-Cub, playing Belloli's "Hunting Horn":

Then Eldest played Beethoven's "Russian Folk Song":

Before any of these could be done today, though, one of Man-Cub's classmates had a birthday pool party (featuring a modest supply of "adult beverages" to fend off the Tennessee heat). Fun was had by all....

Now, it's off to Norris Lake with Man-Cub for some "rustic camping" with the Cub Scouts while Eldest has a Girl Scout sleepover to plan a big fall event for their "Bronze Award"!


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