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End of an Era

Well, O.K., maybe not. But Andrew Exum (nom de guerre Abu Muqawama, literally "Father of Battle") is hanging up his keyboard.

Andrew's coda, posted this morning, tells of his inspiration for the 'blog -- and his rational calculus for leaving it. Hey, a man's gotta find some way to sustain that arak habit....

I was turned on to Abu Muqawama by 'blogfriend (and Überblogger in his own right) ZenPundit and the gang at Small Wars Journal, and have been a regular reader ever since. As a resident of East Tennessee, it's nice to see a fellow Appalachian make it big.

With Charlie's more-than-capable skills, and the rest of the team (Kip, Dr. iRack and Londonstani), AM will still be a part of my daily read. But Andrew's pithy and wry commentary will indeed be missed.

Fair winds and following seas, Ex.


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