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Birthday Sex & the City

SatC GirlsCINCOZ celebrates her birthday today, so we honored the occasion with a "cocktail party / Sex & the City movie night". Mind you, CINCOZ is not one for imbibing whilst expecting -- so I ensured that her want of a Cosmopolitan was duly noted on her shirt:

(Gratuitous, unpaid promotion: Check out Kristen's most excellent site, Baby Brewing, with some hilarious tee shirts and maternity wear -- R is sporting a "Mommy Wants a Cocktail" maternity tee, while I am "Drinking for Two". And if you really want some world class parenting humor, check out her 'blog Mommy Needs a Cocktail.)

Thankfully, I was well-versed enough in the characters (thanks to R's weekends watching re-runs via HBO-On-Demand) and their various psychoses. I was even pre-briefing a couple of R's friends before the movie (a feat they all found quite humorous). As one of only seven men in an otherwise packed theater (and the only one accompanying seven stunningly attractive, intelligent and successful women), I had a great time. (Top that, Dante!)

Definitely a trail to avoid....

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At 31/5/08 06:58 , Blogger DF said...

I really wish I could have joined y'all! Everyone looks fabulous :)

Wow, Shane, I am impressed.. You actually went to the movie.. Not my husband.. LOL

Happy Birthday Renee!

At 31/5/08 07:07 , Blogger deichmans said...

Tim, Thx for the NEWSWEEK link. I think the show only emboldened what we were already talking about (albeit not as openly). We were in our 30s when the show began, and saw the story as somewhat reflective of our own (particularly helplessly romantic Charlotte). As we left the theater last night, curiously the biggest topic of conversation was [SPOILER ALERT] how the blame for Steve's infidelity seemed to shift back to Miranda. I didn't see so much "moral relativism" as I did "compromise" and a desire to be forward-looking. You can't "get ahead" if you're consumed with "getting even"....

At 31/5/08 07:08 , Blogger deichmans said...

d - Missed u 2!! Hope to cash in that rain check soon. :-)


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