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[Moblog] Smoky Ride

Just finished the Dancing Bear Bike Fest. Brought my trusty Moab II (w knobbies) for the 30-mile road ride, but Trek was on the scene with demo bikes. Sooooo.... I shredded the course on a Trek Madone 5.2 58cm road bike - 30 miles in about 95 minutes with hills.

Two drawbacks from using the Trek: it showed me how far my Mercier triathlon bike is from where I need it to be (esp with the hill-friendly gearing on the Trek), and it has showed me how fun a $3,500 bike can be to ride. Better start saving those nickels....

After the rainy road ride, I took one of the Trek full-suspension mountain bikes on the Dancing Bear Lodge's 2.1 mile loop. The rain made the descents nice and muddy, and the single-track climbs slick. Truly a fun day -- even with the knee-plant in the mud at the bottom of the creek bed trail!


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