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[Moblog] Shreddin'

While CINCHOUSE and eldest trekked to Chattanooga to be fitted for pointe shoes, man-cub and I hit the slopes at Ober Gatlinburg for a day of snowboarding. Though nearly a year out of practice from his first sessions, Jarrett fared quite well in the intermediate class. Coach Dan at the Ski School gave him some good tips on how to balance his turns (and helped me stop thinking like a skier who relies too much on my hips instead of my knees and ankles).


At 13/1/08 19:43 , Blogger Jay@Soob said...

What's that tank looking thing behind you two?

At 14/1/08 06:48 , Blogger deichmans said...


That "tank looking thing" is a chair lift pole surrounded by grass. Unlike your snowbound confines of upper New England, we in Southern Appalachia need to make our own snow to have enough for winter sports. :-)

At 14/1/08 15:18 , Blogger Jay@Soob said...

Lol! Okay now I see it.


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