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With LSU's 38-24 victory over Ohio State in the Bowl Championship Series "National Championship Game", we have a fitting end to a crazy football season. For the first time ever, a team with two losses is the undisputed "National Champion" (though some fans in Kansas may believe their Jayhawks deserved a chance to play for the crystal football).

LSU's victory in front of an ostensibly "hometown" crowd in the Superdome of New Orleans, Louisiana, also gave fans of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) bragging rights with the most Bowl Game wins this year. The final Bowl Game standings (in order of wins):
  • Southeastern Conference (7 wins, 2 losses)
  • Big-12 Conference (5-3)
  • Mountain West (4-1)
  • PAC-10 Conference (4-2)
  • Big East Conference (3-2)
  • Big-10 Conference (3-5)
  • Conference USA (2-4)
  • Atlantic Coast Conference (2-6)
  • SunBelt Conference (1-0)
  • Western Athletic Conference (1-3)
  • Independents/Div I-A (0-1)
  • Mid-American Conference (0-3)
Just what we need -- another excuse for SEC fans to declare their "greatness"... :-)

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At 9/1/08 19:57 , Blogger DF said...

We don't need yet another reason to declare our greatness ;) 'nuff said.....

At 10/1/08 17:40 , Blogger Allen said...

Correct. There is no further need to declare that which is self-evident...


At 11/1/08 09:11 , Blogger deichmans said...

Thanx, DF & allen, for validating my point. The SEC (and its fans :-) are the New England Patriots of College Football.

However, I am particularly interested in your assessment of the recent Division I U.S. Sports Academy Directors' Cup standings:

1. California 370
2. USC 343
3. Stanford 315
4. Oregon 304
5. Penn State 303
6. Wake Forest 278
7. West Virginia 273.5
8. Connecticut 254
9. Texas 244.5
10. Florida 243.5

It seems to me that SEC schools spell Athletics "F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L", and don't fare nearly as well as the far more balanced (and, dare I say, academically gifted :-) PAC-10.

At 14/1/08 07:55 , Blogger Allen said...

They also include B-A-S-K-E-T-B-A-L-L and B-A-S-E-B-A-L-L, as evidenced by one or two nat'l championships.

Most other sports are considered a bit less than important, I must admit...although I do miss LSU's wrestling team.


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