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[Moblog] We Love a Parade

Oak Ridge Christmas Parade day, with over a hundred floats for the 1-1/2 mile route. Daughter is forward with a dance ensemble, son here (in photo) with Cub Scout Pack, and I'll be doing double duty with Scouts and American Red Cross Disaster Relief.


At 1/12/07 15:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Over here in CA, we have some good parades as well--I haven't gone to many though.

At 2/12/07 07:56 , Blogger deichmans said...


The Rose Parade comes to mind (a fitting prelude to "The Granddaddy of them All" of Bowl Games). We'd like to see that sometime (but only if Cal breaks its near-50-year drought); my wife's friend Su (an 'SC grad) goes almost every year.

My personal favorite is Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which we've seen twice. In 2008, man-cub's birthday falls on Turkey Day -- so he'll get to hold an "It's my Birthday" sign and have Tony Bennett sing to him.


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