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[Moblog] Xmas Tree Lane

I grew up on a street in Alameda, California that is known (this time of year) as "Christmas Tree Lane". The lots are typical Bay Area "dense pack", with houses close enough together to clean your neighbor's windows from inside your own home.

What makes this particular block special is the center median, home to more than a dozen 40' tall Ponderosa pine trees. And each December 1st, the neighbors partner with the city electric company to decorate and light each of those trees.

This decades-old tradition continues to this day, with literally every one of the block's 90 houses sporting some kind of decoration. There is also a "North Pole Express" mailbox, and Santa always spends some time here.

[Updated (12/28) with better pictures]


At 29/12/07 01:04 , Blogger aelkus said...

So you're from California too? Bay area/Alameda is a nice area.

At 9/1/08 19:58 , Blogger DF said...



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