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PAC-10 Football

What a difference a couple of weeks can make.... I suspect my SEC brethren are quietly snickering as many of the pundits who proclaimed "PAC-10 dominance" a month ago are now recanting. (All due apologies to Dan of tdaxp for Stew Mandel's disrespect of Nebraska in that article -- especially since there are only 119 "Div. I-A" teams, so it's mathematically impossible to be ranked "120th".)

After back-to-back losses against non-ranked teams, Cal finds itself once again right behind USC -- but with both teams squarely in the middle of the PAC-10 standings. The Bruins of UCLA (the only team to lose to Notre Dame so far this season) and the Sun Devils of Arizona State (who have yet to face a ranked opponent) are atop the PAC-10 standings with 4-0 conference records.

Six PAC-10 teams are in the BCS "Top 40", and three PAC-10 teams are still ranked in the AP Poll "Top Ten". Other than the inclusion of Boston College, the top rankings are starting to look like a regular season of college ball (with traditional powerhouses Ohio State, Oklahoma, LSU in the hunt). Maybe it won't be such a startling National Championship Game after all... (Though BC vs. USF would have been a hoot!)

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At 22/10/07 19:19 , Blogger Dan tdaxp said...

Well, as Coach Callahan doesn't think much of Nebraskans either, hard to diss SI too much...

At 23/10/07 06:33 , Blogger Allen said...

Speaking as one of the snickering SEC types: There are a lot of games to be played before we get to N'awlins, and the SEC looks like it is beating itself up, at least in terms of being ranked 1 or 2 in the BCS. I think I counted 9 SEC schools in the BCS, but only LSU within striking distance of the championship game. The SEC is indeed the strongest conference top-to-bottom; ironically, that strength (beating each other up) may be what keeps them out of the big one in January.

We shall see...


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