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Cub Scout Campout

The Cub Scouts of Oak Ridge (Pack 226) braved the wilds of Tennessee's rustic "Frozen Head State Park" this weekend. Since our Tiger Den (1st graders) were the largest den present, they got to be the "Honor Guard" for the presentation of the colors.

With nighttime temps in the high 30s F. (single digits C.), it's a good thing we loaded these boys up with Calories during evening s'mores around the campfire!

Fearless Pack Leader Keith Jeter taught the boys knife safety, while other parents provided stories and knot-tying lessons. After a breakfast of pancakes, bacon and sausage (plus a few shots of espresso for the adults from my hand-pumped portable espresso machine), we hiked to the nearly-dry DeBald Falls.

After breaking camp and getting back into T-Mobile coverage, I was happily surprised to see fully half of the NCAA "Top Ten" football teams lose -- allowing unbeaten Cal (who narrowly defeated #11 Oregon in what SI's Stewart Mandel calls "... easily the season's most compelling game to date ...") to nip at USC's heels in the #3 spot in the nation. Hmmm.... Two PAC-10 teams in the Top 3, while five teams in the top 18 hail from west of the Continental Divide.... Wonder what that says about the SEC? :-) BTW, casual observers who check the AP Poll "Top 25" should note that #6 is not the defending champ Florida Gators, but rather the Bulls of South Florida. The Gators have dropped to #9.

(Congrats to Dan at tdaxp's 'Huskers, who have moved into the Top 25 rankings and hold the top spot in the Big-12 North.)

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At 4/10/07 05:11 , Blogger Dan tdaxp said...

Ahem. The Huskers have been in the Top 25 all season.

(But Missouri's even higher! Eep!)

Plus, Catholicgauze's KState is #24 this week, after upsetting Texas... for the second year in a row!

At 4/10/07 15:39 , Blogger deichmans said...

Profoundest apologies. However, now that conference play has begun in earnest, I am pleased to see the Big N atop the Big 12 North boards on SI.com. (OK, so they're tied with KState and Colorado with a 1-0 record -- but their overall record is impressive. Could it be a return to the storied days of Tom Osborne?

At 4/10/07 20:39 , Blogger DF said...

I thought this past weekend was very exciting for college football, esp. the Florida/Auburn game. Sorry, I am an SEC girl, but gotta give props to USF. If Tennessee were ever going to shop for a new coach, he would be a fabulous candidate (IMHO).

At 5/10/07 07:07 , Blogger deichmans said...

D, I can't believe a Tennessee resident is suggesting that Fulmer's days could be numbered!! :-)

At 5/10/07 10:37 , Blogger DF said...

Well, I don't wish any ill will toward Fulmer, but if this season does not pan out (meaning 9-3 with a bowl win), he may not be the HC. Not sure what Hamilton will do if they end up worse than 8-4. I hope I don't sound like a negative fan, but the UGA game is MAJOR for Fulmer and this team. I hope they can win out. This is starting to remind me of the end of Buzz Peterson's time as b-ball coach.....

BUT if we do get to the point where we are looking for a new HC, I would love to see the USF coach considered.

Enough of my rambling ;)


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