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Cal Collapse

15 days ago, the Golden Bears of the Univ. of California at Berkeley were just one play away from a national #1 ranking. Now they are sixth place (yes, SIXTH) in the PAC-10. Despite leading undefeated Arizona State by 13 points in the first half, Cal ran out of gas -- while ASU hit their stride. End result: Cal's third straight loss, and ASU's eighth win this season.

The PAC-10 is starting to look just like the SEC, with strong teams up and down the ranks that spend the college football season pummeling each other. Even usual bottom-dweller leland stanfurd junior univ. has knocked off a top-ten team (then-#2 USC), just like SEC's bottom-dwelling Vanderbilt beat that "other" USC (then-#6 ranked Univ. of South Carolina) last week.

Definitely a crazy year, with defending champion Florida sporting three losses (one more than riches-to-rags South Florida), USC has two losses, and Notre Dame has just one lone win come All Saints Day.

And Cal, who had visions of Roses, now needs to recalibrate its expectations come Bowl Season. My guess is, at this pace (and with USC still looming on their schedule), they'll be lucky to get a berth in the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl.

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At 28/10/07 05:23 , Blogger Dan tdaxp said...

Too bad about Cal. I was routing for them, and they were ahead as I fell asleep.

Nebraska blew its lead, too.

At 29/10/07 06:59 , Blogger Allen said...

It's an upside down season, that's for sure (with the exception of Ohio State...). It's possible that 10, perhaps 11 teams in the SEC will be bowl eligible once the season ends. I suspect the majority of the PAC-10 will also be bowl eligible.

And whodathunk...Vanderbilt! Didn't Jay Cutler already graduate?


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