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College Football Update

As the NCAA's PAC-10 conference winds up the pre-conference phase of its football season, the dust has settled and the verdict is PAC-10: 20, Everyone Else: 6.

What's particularly funny about those six losses to non-conference teams is: not one is from the SEC, Big-12 or ACC. One loss to the Big East, two to the Big-10 (ranked Ohio State and ranked Wisconsin beat PAC-10 teams), and three losses to the mighty Mountain West. Of course, two of those three losses were by the same PAC-10 team (Arizona, Cal's opponent this coming weekend). But the Utah Utes looked impressive against formerly #11 UCLA last weekend.

There are still a few non-conference games tucked into the PAC-10 "round robin" (where most of the PAC-10 teams will face all nine of the others). For instance, hapless Notre Dame (who has scored just one touchdown in three games this season while allowing over 100 points) has three games against PAC-10 schools, and Washington State will travel to Hawaii in December.

Whomever wins the PAC-10 will certainly be deserving of that Bowl Championship Series (BCS) berth. And one can argue that the PAC-10 runner-up also deserves a berth in a BCS bowl as well. Otherwise we'll renew our grievances against the "Broken Computer System". I suspect even MountainRunner would agree with that!

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At 18/9/07 07:02 , Blogger Allen said...

You just keep on believing that the PAC-10 is anything other than USC and their retinue, and those of us who actually don't get suckered in by the MSM will remain secure in the truth.

And look a bit south...your position that the PAC-10 #2 should be in the Sugar Bowl is utterly laughable and prima facie dismissable. Top to bottom, the SEC is clearly the strongest conference in Division 1-A. Vanderbilt could hold its own in the PAC-10. The bottom half of the PAC-10, however, would be lucky to win even 1 game playing in the SEC.

The real game for the national championship will be when Florida plays LSU for the right to beat USC in the Sugar Bowl.

At 18/9/07 07:39 , Blogger deichmans said...


How do you really feel? :-)

I did not suggest that the PAC-10 #2 should play USC in the Sugar Bowl -- I said that the PAC-10 #2 should be in another one of the mega-payoff BCS bowls (instead of the Holiday Bowl, which has been the deal of late). Besides, all due respect to MountainRunner, maybe 'SC *won't* win the PAC-10 this season...

As for SEC: Yes, FLA and LSU are impressive teams. But that's about it. Or do I need to remind you how the SEC fared against PAC-10 this season?

At 19/9/07 06:37 , Blogger Allen said...

We really should be engaging in this repartee with appropriate adult lubrication! I just couldn't resist tweaking a PAC-10 guy.

This year, they may actually have something. I (and others) are just so tired of Musberger et al playing them up every year and them being, largely, disappointing. Who knows, the Sugar Bowl may be a good game this year--I sure hope so.

In the interests of full disclosure: GEAUX TIGERS (BSCE '86) and GO GATORS (MS '92)!!!!!

Have a great one!

At 19/9/07 06:39 , Blogger Allen said...

Oh yeah, you better keep your head down given your Eastern Tennessee locale...them folks are pretty serious about SEC football!

At 19/9/07 07:35 , Blogger deichmans said...

Of course Brent is going to boost up the PAC-10 -- he was born in Oregon. It is interesting how the mainstream media has really picked up the story, though....

As for my East Tennessee residence, you're correct about keeping my head down -- after Cal beat Tennessee in the opener, I got a lot of grief about my Cal (Class of '89) front license plate!

At 21/9/07 16:05 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I do!

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At 28/7/11 00:26 , Anonymous afl jerseys said...

"It is interesting how the mainstream media has really picked up the story, though...." I find it surprising, myself. I guess I wasn't the only one who thought PAC-10 performance was phenomenal this year. A high point for college football.


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