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Review: The Kite Runner

I recently finished reading Khaled Hosseini's widely-acclaimed first novel, The Kite Runner.

Hosseini, a native of Kabul, Afghanistan whose family fled in the wake of the Soviet invasion in 1979, is a physician living in the San Francisco Bay Area. In his first novel, he delivers poignant metaphors and striking prose that borders on the artistic.

The Kite Runner is the story of a boy who longs for his father's approval -- and whose choices create consequences for all around him. The story tells of ambition, regret, loyalty and an unquenchable aspiration for redemption.

While Afghanistan is clearly the backdrop, the protagonist hails from the affluent side of Kabul -- where his father owned a business, drove a Mustang and lived in a two-story house. Don't expect to gain a deeper appreciation for the "real" Afghanistan -- a sentiment echoed by a character from Peshawar later in the book who berates the protagonist as not being anything close to mujaheddin.

But do expect an emotional roller-coaster, where even someone from a place that few Americans could find on a globe before 9/11 shares the same dreams -- and battles the same demons -- as so many of us.

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At 31/8/07 01:57 , Blogger Curtis Gale Weeks said...

I bought this book months ago, but have never begun reading it!

I'll have to get to it one day. Besides the Harry Potter books, and a couple by Storm Constantine, I haven't read any fiction for the last few years.

At 31/8/07 01:59 , Blogger Curtis Gale Weeks said...

Ah, there was Pattern Recognition by Gibson, although I never finished it...

BTW, for some reason your main page does not show updated comment counts for posts whenever I visit it. Very odd.


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