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R & R

Our final trip of the summer took us back to the Commonwealth of Virginia, where daughter Shelby participated in a dance camp at her old ballet studio. During our return to Tennessee, we paid a brief visit to one of our favorite wineries (and a regular at Norfolk, Virginia's annual "Towne Pointe Wine Festival" each October): Valhalla Vineyards.

The mountaintop location, the tasting room that looked more akin to a Nordic dining hall, and the local construction company called "Thor" all added to our venture into Norse mythology. Even more pleasant was the absence of Washington County sheriff deputies on Interstate-81 with radar guns...


At 6/8/07 11:40 , Blogger Sean Meade said...

have you been to the Biltmore Estate winery, yet? we really like it.

At 6/8/07 12:36 , Blogger deichmans said...

Sean, Oh yeah! That's on our all-time favorite list. The Bistro at the Biltmore is Renee's favorite restaurant, and we have several bottles of their Petit Sirah and Chardonney waiting for the right occasion. :-)


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