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Battle of the Cheesesteaks

During a brief jaunt to Philadelphia yesterday (for the company's annual summer party at our CEO's place), I arrived early enough to determine -- once and for all -- which cheesesteak is really the best in south Philly.

At the intersection of 9th Street and Passyunk, about two miles south of Independence Hall, two cheesesteak titans are squared off. On the south corner of the intersection, Pat's King of Steaks has stood since its humble beginnings in 1930 as a hot dog stand. On the north side is relative newcomer Geno's Steaks (founded in 1966).

While Pat's is subdued, Geno's is full of neon and glitz. I began my early lunch at Pat's, ordering a "whiz with" (cheesesteak with cheese whiz and onions). Then, in a feat of unmitigated gluttony, I crossed the three-way intersection and got the same at Geno's.

The verdict: Pat's steak was more flavorful, while the bun at Geno's was a bit softer. Also, the sides and beverages at Geno's take a slight edge (especially since Geno's features Birch Beer -- kind of like a cross between root beer and Mountain Dew Code Red).

Bottom line: You can't go wrong at either place! These are without doubt the best cheesesteaks anywhere!

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